The evolution of rods is here. Made from high modulus Mitsubishi graphite composites, we have created the lightest, strongest, toughest fishing rod ever created.

Jaws rod blank has moderate action when anglers using high-tech no stretch braided line with heavy drag setting on reel (over 20lb even 30lb). The moderate action rod will absorb the most fish fighting power to prevent your big one from breaking away, and keeping stress on fish not on your arm. When anglers fish with lower drag setting (10-15lb), these Jaws rod blanks will offer fast tip action like other graphite rod, Anglers still able fish with mono line for live bait or cast surface iron.

  • Small blank diameters with BRUTAL lifting power
  • Designed for Spectra and other low stretch "Super Lines", but works equally well with mono
  • 35 & 45 million modulus Graphite blend with propitiatory scrim material for unparalleled hoop strength